Thursday, January 25, 2007

A "State of Medicine" Meets Theology Joke

A joke:

Three doctors are waiting in line to get into the pearly gates. St. Peter walks out and asks the first one, "What have you done to enter Heaven?" "I am a pediatrician and have brought thousands of the Lord's babies into the world." "Good enough to enter the gates," replied St. Peter and in he goes. The same question is asked of the second doctor. "I am a general practioner and go to Third World countries three times a year to cure the poor." St. Peter is impressed and allows him through the gates. The third doctor steps up in line and knowing the question, blurts out, "I am a director of a HMO."

St. Peter meditates on this for a while and then says, "Fine, you can enter Heaven...but only for 2 days."


And let's not forget the co-pay.


Mac McLernon said...

I'm a Brit, so ignorant of the finer American acronyms... but reading the joke suggests knowing what an HMO is is rather vital... an HMO is what, exactly?

PraiseDivineMercy said...

Wouldn't the HMO doctor go to heaven, but run out of days and be downgraded to purgatory?

Mac- HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization, a form of privatized health insurance.

The Ironic Catholic said...


Purgatory assumes you're in friendship with God....

think about it.

Mac, sorry about the confusion. You've got your answer, though.