Friday, January 26, 2007

Truth Is Stranger #33: God Moves Us In Mysterious Ways

...but not like this.

Yep, they're for real. Divine Moving serves the New York tri-state area.

I guess the rest of the world is out of luck. So much for the Great Commission, hmmm....

And if they were proper Thomists? "Prime Movers Incorporated". Their advertizing could explain "the five ways" why it is proper that they exist.

On the up side, the Divine has references, BBB approval, and what gives me the most theological heebie jeebies, coupons.


p.s. The Curt Jester, I have found, made a pun on "Prime Movers" first. Check out his clever picture here.


CMinor said...

There's a company whose trucks we used to see around MD--not sure where they're based but I guess Eastern seabord--called "Guaranteed Overnight Delivery." Their trucks had the initials G.O.D. painted on the side. G.O.D. moves in mysterious ways, I guess.

Dminor wondered if the moving company in your photo was based in Providence. Groan.

John said...

I've used enough Demonic Moving Companies to believe it.