Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yet More Accumulating Proof I Exist: radio interview

If you all are interested, I'm going to be interviewed by the very amusing Lino Rulli, "The Catholic Guy," around 4:20 Eastern time today on the Catholic Channel, Sirius Satellite Radio. It's channel 159.

See you there...?


Jeff Miller said...

I'll be on again tomorrow at 5.

The Ironic Catholic said...

It would be kind of fun to be on at the same time, hmm?

Adoro Te Devote said...

So how did it go?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Fine, Adoro. I was kind of tired, but it was fun. I think it's a good show--he has a great personality. I just wish they'd get on the internet--then I could listen from time to time.

Adoro Te Devote said...

For those of us who don't have satellite radio (and of course, can't listen via internet in this case!) can you give us a recap of what was asked? And answered?

I was interviewed on the radio once, a local station. On the day of graduation from the city's firefighter training (we were sworn in), one of the other new firefighters had to stop off at the radio station she DJ'd at on occasion. When we got there, the DJ at the time saw her, realized the importance of her/our "day" and said, "Oh...you KNOW I gotta put you on!".

We all just kinda looked at each other, shrugged, and sat down behind the microphones. I think I sounded like an idiot, and thank God I didn't have to listen to myself! LOL

It was cool to see the world of radio from the other side, though.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Hmmm. Is this evidence that I don't exist? Not only have I never been interviewed, I don't even get satellite radio.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Paul, I'm sure you exist. I have gotten a couple of comments about not existing because this is an anonymous blog. Hence the (lame) joke.

Just remember, I blog, therefore I am. It's a Cartesian thing.

Adoro, this is the third time I have been on. He asks me about different posts, my take on the absurdity of the life (i.e. the Truth Is Stranger series), what it means to be Catholic in such a strange culture. And he keeps trying to figure out who I am. So far, he's gotten me to cop to I am a theology professor, Catholic, at a university, and I used to live in the South but don't now, I am a mom, and I like Chinese food. It's fun. We mostly skewered the Gregorian Chant tribute to Celine Dion last time. Have to admit, that's low hanging fruit. :)