Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blog Fast (sort of)

Remember "Church Suggests Giving Up Blogging For Lent"? Did anyone think it could be ... foreshadowing? (Cue dark moody music....)

Well, I then got knocked out by the stomach flu, which delayed my reflection on this, but now I'm sure. During Lent, I'm going to post twice a week rather than five to six days a week. I'm not sure that technically counts as a fast, but this Lent I want to deliberately focus upon and discern some life issues, which I usually do through prayer and writing. I could do that and blog if I had more free time, but I don't. This is my free time. So I am yielding some blog time to add to my prayer time. A no-brainer, honestly.

I think I will continue to post Mondays and Thursdays. Who knows, it may be the same amount of posting lumped on two days, or it may look scant around here for 40-odd days. But consequences be hanged! (Oh wait--there are no consequences....)

In the works of mercy department: You may want to take a look at this blog--one of our fellow bloggers at Korrektiv has a wife recently placed on very strict bedrest (she's 22 weeks pregnant), and she is doing a blog to document all this and pass the time. Give her a hopeful comment, prayer, and good wishes, OK?


Diesel said...

But I'm blogging as fast as I can now! You Catholics are merciless.

Patsy said...

Ora et labora: pray as you blog! Don't leave us in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Is putting thousands into withdraw pains a sin?

Why when I have a blogger account and have commented here dozens of time

Anonymous said...

s, do I have to identify myself, but if want to blog anonymously, Blogger doesn't care at all and lets me.

angelmeg said...

Diesel you crack me up.

IC so if I check in on Tuesdays and Fridays you promise there will be new stuff for me to read?


Since I gave up TV for Lent it's either surf the net or actually talk to my kids!!!!!!

The Ironic Catholic said...



p.s. you can chastise me for light blogging, but Blogger problems are beyond my ken. Take that to a higher power, dude.

Ginny said...

I gave up blogging for Last year for Lent. i managed to get by with a post or two. It wasn't easy. I spent a great deal more time reading. Although I didn't give up blogging this year I will keep it to a minimum

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I've given up the Internet in general for Lent. It's not easy, as the habits are very ingrained, but it is possible. If there's anything I just have to write about, I'll do it in Word, and then save it all until Sunday.
But, I've found, I don't have as much aggravation when not surfing the Net; I don't have much to be outraged about, other than examining my own sins. Maybe that's the key; instead of getting incensed about liturgical abuses in Los Angeles, or sacrilege in Boston, I can flagellate myself for my own sins, rather than flogging others for theirs.