Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Church Suggests Giving Up Blogging For Lent

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Chicago, IL: "Noooooooooooooooo!" wailed a young Catholic twenty-something in cyberspace. "I can't think of anything at all to blog today! I have to spend an hour on the computer brainstorming when I really ought to pray, or talk to my wife, or clean the bathroom!"

If this is you, a local Church suggested you may wish to go the "nuclear repentance option" this year: give up blogging for Lent.

"I can't believe there are people out there suggesting anything this radical," said Associate Pastor Fr. Raymond Toronado of St. Antony of Egypt Church, disagreeing with the pastor, Fr. Timothy Reston. "I know it is typical to give up chocolate, or pop, or TV, but this is positively Jansenist. I know I'm not giving up MY blog for Jesus."

Fr. Reston could not be reached on his blog or by email for comment.

"It seems odd," added parishioner Bill Nahum. "I mean, I know I can give blogging up anytime I want to. I don't need to prove anything by such a stunt. Couldn't I just fast from food six days a week, or train for a triathlon, or something doable? The Christian life isn't supposed to be THAT hard."

Others welcomed the idea. "It's kind of bracing, like a cold shower," said a parishioner who goes by his blog's name, "SupercalifragiCatholic." "I mean, the martyrs dealt with a lot more suffering than this; if I can't handle this, I'm Christian toast. Plus, it's a little weird that no one in my parish knows my Christian name."

Pastoral Associate Joan Tyler announced the parish would immediately form a 12 step support group for those foregoing blogging for Lent. Despite heartfelt pleas, it will not meet online.



RobK said...

"positively Jnasenist" HA! :D

BTW, I think it would be harder to actually post something every day than to give it up. But that may just be me. :)

Sanctus Belle said...

Yes, I've decided to try to post daily for Lent on meditations on Our Lady's Sorrows as a Lenten practice. Giving up blogging would be more than I can take! BTW I really enjoy your blog!

Ray from MN said...

I think that the I.C. should wash her mouth out daily with Lava hand soap for Lent!

Such idiotic heresy!

Paul Cat said...

Nice! I have friends giving up myspace and facebook for lent. Now if we could only convince some people to turn their iPods off and rejoin reality we might be on to something.

Carolina Cannonball said...

I tried to give up snark last year, and only post on positive uplifting topics. Needless to say... I failed miserably.

angelmeg said...

I did give up the internet one year for Lent. Happily that was before my days of blogging. Now I can't imagine giving up my blog even though I have only two faithful readers, but what would they do without me for 7 whole weeks?

For me giving up blogging would be about as radical as giving up Chocolate, another thing I can never even consider.

Julie said...

That would be as much of a Lenten hardship for the readers, I think!

Dean said...

This post nearly gave me a heart attack until I saw that it was fake haha! Nice =P

Allen said...

If one considers blogging as a spiritual discipline--say, journaling--then it would be silly to give it up for Lent, wouldn't it? At least that's how I'm justifying ignoring such a good idea.

Gregory said...


Are they kidding? I'm thinking it might be easier to fast from breathing for Lent.

MD said...

I often don't blog for months on end. I think it would be harder for me to give up "not blogging" for lent.