Monday, February 26, 2007

Even More Top 100 Ironic Reasons To Be Catholic (Lenten edition)

40. Dark Lenten purple really jazzes up the winter landscape.
39. Now that football season is over, you need a new project. Try repentance.
38. As a gesture of hospitality to the musically-challenged, liturgical music is often cut during Lent. That which remains is always in the playable key of E minor.
37. Saying "alleluia" all the time was getting kind of tired, anyway.
36. Lent is a more reliable measurement between winter and spring than that Puxatawney Phil.
35. My sin. Icestorms. My sin. Icestorms. There must be a connection.
34. Every pagan in town thinks you look kind of interesting and goth with the ashes.
33. There is the inherent dramatic tension created every time you agree to fast from (fill in the blank). Can she do it? Can she do it? CAN SHE DO IT?
32. You really can't recite Psalm 51 enough.*
31. Lent: because you love tuna casserole.

*actually, that one isn't particularly ironic.


PraiseDivineMercy said...

"Every pagan in town thinks you look kind of interesting and goth with the ashes."

I can personally attest this to be true, based on High School and college ash wednesdays.

"You can't recite psalm 51 enough."

People always look at me funny when I say that is my favorite psalm, but it's so totally hopeful and talks about the Holy Spirit. What's not to like?

Diesel said...

I could do all this stuff without converting to Catholicism.

Ahh, who am I kidding?

Happy Inappropriate Card Day, IC!

RobK said...

I love these. So tell me, are the 100 written, or are these still in development. I suspect the top 10 are already in mind, if not computer.

Thanks for these.

Ironic Catholic said...

Rob, you flatter me. Really, I have no idea when the last ten will be. the spirit moves as she wills.