Friday, February 16, 2007

Thank you, folks!

I think this is two days early--weren't winners supposed to be announced Sunday? But checking an inbound link, I found the unofficial 2007 Catholic Blog Awards tally UP. Ah, no winners here, but I think I'm tied for third place (my blog is listed twice?) in the "Funniest" category, and the blog has an improbably good showing in the "Best New Catholic Blog" category. Wow.

Really, this is both delightful and humbling. Delightful that so many of you find my odd sense of humor amusing, and humbling in that we all got utterly crushed by The Curt Jester! So temptations to sinful pride are pretty much blown into the wind! Thanks!

So hearty congrats to the "Funniest Catholic Blog" winner (Jeff at The Curt Jester), as well as everyone else who won awards this year.

Many thanks to those who voted for me. I think some of you would be surprised... my students often comment on how "heavy" I am (in thought, thanks; I think it's their euphemism for "you make me think that sin can be a BAD thing"). I show movies like Romero and The Mission for our "fun days." So it's interesting, and different, to do the humorous twists on theology here.

When I sometimes wonder whether to keep this up amid my other million things to do, the positive feedback certainly helps me keep plugging away--trying to get us to think, while we laugh at ourselves every once in a while. Laugh like Sarai, folks. Humor is a way of saying something serious. And thanks for smiling and keeping faith with me.



Adoro te Devote said...

IC, I'll admit to being one of the fools who nominated and then voted for you, and clearly, I wasn't alone. Now download your rightful nominee icons to take your place among the semi-elect of blogdome!

I was surprised at how many votes I got in one category, too...

A friend of mine, a Protestant Pastor who doesn't realize he's supposed to come back home to the Church, once told me, "You never know who's watching you."

And he's right; we never understand the impact we make or those we affect in the oddest ways!

CMinor said...

Well, you've got my vote.

I noticed your comment on the Curt Jester's Contraception and Chocolate post.

You're kidding, right?

What year?

I'm an MWC '84 grad and DMinor is '85!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Oh. My. Word!

Adoro--thanks. But I'm blown away that I must know CMinor and Dminor!

Off to send you an email!!!!!!!!!!

The Ironic Catholic said...

P.s. Adoro, it is all amazing, isn;t it? The butterfly effect of blogging!

John said...


I wish that I could have voted for you, but I'm not Catholic, of course.

We need more laughter, more humor in the Christian faith. Humor has a way of breaking up pride.

Britt said...

Hey! I'm with Project Plus and I just wanted to say hi to a (fellow) alum (I just graduated in December, so i guess i count as an alum). Thanks for the comment on Curt Jester!

God Bless!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Congratulations, I.C.! I think some credit should go to SIC and CHIC's for their contributions to your blog this year too.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Cathy, since we (sic and I) stick together in good times and bad...let's call this a shared "good time!" Any compliments to me are compliments to sic. :-) But for sure, I'll pass it along.

Britt, hats off to your work and say hi to Fred'burg for me. Thanks for the comment!

John, I'm not sure you had to be Catholic to vote (no questionnaire or oath of fidelity!), but it's true that wouldn't work with the spirit of the contest. Is there a Methodist blog awards correlate?

John said...

kinda sorta notreally. One Methoblogger runs an annual contest which mostly Methobloggers submit to, but he refuses to limit the nominees to Methobloggers, which throws the whole selection off.