Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Truth Is Stranger #34: There Was An Old Bible That Lived In A Shoe

Really. The world's smallest Bible, to boot (pun intended).

Kid: Mom, I feel like I have a pebble in my shoe. It hurts.
Mom: It's just your Bible, son. Offer it up already.

Ok, that's not what happened, but the reality is no less strange:
Around 106 years ago, someone slipped a copy of the world’s smallest complete Bible in a child’s boot and stuffed it into a cottage chimney cavity to ward off evil. Now British archaeologists have identified the book, which a renovator discovered while working on the cottage in central England's Ewerby. ...

Daubney, who works for The Portable Antiquities Scheme, a volunteer program set up to record archaeological objects found in England, explained the child’s boot may have been used as a kind of spirit trap.

"The earliest reference to the use of shoes as some kind of spirit trap comes from the 14th century," he told Discovery News. "It regards one of England’s unofficial saints, John Schorn from Buckinghamshire, who was rector of North Marston 1290-1314. He is reputed to have performed the remarkable feat of casting the devil into a boot."
Not a herd of pigs (Mark 5), but ... a boot ...?


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Diesel said...

Once the devil is in your boot, the only way he can get out is by pulling himself up by the straps.