Friday, February 23, 2007

When I'm Nauseous, I Laugh At...

Crummy Church Signs' Hall of Shame.

Truly, I have had the stomach flu from hell, and while I was in bed last night--rejoicing in not throwing up and wondering how much my body could actually hurt without me screaming--I unaccountably thought of one of my favorite found real church signs from this site and started actually uncontrollably giggling. This site has real church signs with theological/satirical commentary attached.

Sign: "Kill the Devil!"
submitted by Kevin Sample
Commentary: Can we......DO that? What's taken so long, then?

(OK, when I first read that, I laughed for 10 minutes straight. Probably says more about me than anything else.)

Some other "great" ones from the Hall of Shame:

Sign: "Run for your lives: Jesus is coming!"
submitted AND reviewed by Katherine Blaisdell, Orange, CA
Commentary: Oh gosh! And He's manifested his holiness as Godzilla!

(Baptist) Sign: “For all you do, His blood’s for you”
submitted by Cheryl Bezaire
Commentary: Coming soon to this church’s sign:
1) Jesus Christ: Live the High Life
2) The Lord’s Supper: Great Taste, Less Filling
3) Head for the Mountains of Calvary.
As uptight as many fundamentalists are about alcohol, you would think they wouldn't want to reference it on their church signs.

Sign: "The most important do-it-yourself project is your life"
by Joel Bezaire
Commentary: Life: Do it yourself. Don’t get any help from anybody. Especially God.

Sign: "If you would shut up, you could hear God's voice"
submitted by Wes Kenney
Commentary: And if you're REALLY quiet, you can hear a meteor hurtling towards this church and its sign.

See the Crummy Church Signs blog here.

Hoping to be healthy and back at it by next week.


CMinor said...

Glad to see you're well enough to blog again!
Take it easy.

Ray from MN said...

Or if not well, at least you can sit up enough to see the keyboard.

Carolina Cannonball said...

hope your feeling better soon