Monday, March 12, 2007

Bleg for Prayers

Baby Elizabeth, the two week old daughter of a friend of the family, was born with a congential heart defect. She is in NICU and apparently almost died this weekend. Her journey ahead is very tenuous and rough, even within the best case scenario (which is sucessful heart surgery soon). I beg you to pray for her healing, and for strength for Meg, Mike, and their other two kids.

Breaking my blog fast for an update. Please keep up the prayers, I am sure they help. Elizabeth is still hanging in there and seems to be stabilizing...they are planning to take her out of NICU soon. But the trauma she underwent Saturday may have caused long term damage to her brain and nevous system (lack of oxygen). They simply aren't sure about that yet; she could be sluggish because of the medications she is on. So...keep praying for healing and her parents' strength and courage, please. And thanks for the link, Julie D.

Update again. Elizabeth, as of Friday, is doing much people are talking about her going home early next week, albeit perhaps with a feeding tube for a few more days afterward. She is more alert and doing typical baby things. The docs are saying that the heart condition needs to be monitored very closely, but it isn't necessarily the case that she will have an incident like this past weekend. So her parents are grateful and cautiously optimistic, given the diagnosis.


Patsy said...

I know from personal experience that having a little one in NICU is very traumatic. It can also be a life-changing experience for parents. I pray that whatever God has in store for baby Elizabeth and her family, that their faith will be strengthened by the experience and that they and those who know them will be drawn closer to God. May there be many blessings hidden amongst the trials.

Big Ear Creations said...

One of the things I'm learning this that the prayer.. "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be on Earth as it is in Heaven" is so effective because it realeases the Kingdom God on earth..

and there ain't no sickness in His Kingdom... so I just speak that in Jesus name!

Very enjoyable Blog

CMinor said...

My prayers are with baby Elizabeth and her family. It's good to learn that she is hanging in there!