Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Even If You're Italian

A re-run from last year I enjoyed "reporting."

In a potentially ugly scene, a handful of Italian Catholics picketed the New York City St. Patrick's Day parade earlier today.

Those picketing numbered around 30, bearing various placards and signs stating "The Irish get all the good parades," "Viva Italia," "St. Maria Goretti can beat up St. Paddy anyday," and "The end is near" (although the person holding the last sign apparently joined the picketers for good company).

"I know the Irish were oppressed for centuries by the British, and the potato famine was forced starvation and all that. Hell, I even read most of Angela's Ashes. But my heritage doesn't get a holiday to get blasted every year. How's that for injustice?" argued Salvatore Blanco, who identified himself as "head protester and proud Italian Catholic."
More at the original report.


PraiseDivineMercy said...

I feel so divided...

Seriously, I'm part Irish, part Italian. ^_^

The Ironic Catholic said...


me too.

RobK said...

Yeah, Columbus Day never caught on as a big party holiday. LOL - Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day. :)

angelmeg said...

No robk, the Irish call the American celebration of St Patrick's Day Amateur Night.

They don't need a special day to do that.

CMinor said...

Those guys obviously need to head south to Ballmer for the Columbus day festivities:-)

Literacy-chic said...

New Orleans has an Irish-Italian parade every year right around the feast days of St. Joseph and St. Patrick. Maybe these guys should take a lesson from the U.S. Catholic city that INVENTED the parade! ;)

Leticia said...

Literary-chic; I like that idea! And no mafiosos or drunk marchers allowed! That would make BOTH of my grandmothers so pleased!

Panda Rosa said...

I can understand this, the flags are a wee bit similar.
The ones the Italians should really jump on are the Finns, with their Saint Urho, who drove the grasshoppers out of Finland and thus saved the wine harvest that year! (grins)
Are there any good connections between Italy and Ireland besides Irish beer and Italian wine?