Monday, March 19, 2007

March Madness for Catholic Theologian/Educators!

Play, predict, arm-chair coach along here! We're already in the Sweet Sixteen!
The Ironic Catholic's "Catholic Theologian-Educators Madness"
(Really, it's interactive!)

The match-ups and (patent pending) IC predictions!

Bracket One
(1)Paul of Tarsus v.
(16)Francis de Sales
--The Salesians have their strengths, but Paul tends to plow through the court like the acropolis. Paul should roll.

>(6)Anselm v.
--One of the more unusual matchups, from very different leagues. The defenses may be unfamiliar to both teams. Anselm by 3.

(9)Therese de Lisieux v.
--Therese brings a joy to the game that is a thrill to watch, but Athanasius suffered through one of the toughest leagues in history. Honed by multiple games with the Arians, Athanasius should win by 8.

(5)Catherine of Siena v.
(4)Ignatius of Loyola
--These two actually have similar styles of play in many ways, as well as a spiritual depth, and a recognition of the centrality of the papacy but also holding the chair of Peter to account. A toss-up.

Bracket two
(2)Augustine of Hippo v.
(15)Gregory the Great
--Pope Gregory excels when he rushes the basket through the seven deadly sins, but Augustine is the quintessential total player. Augustine by 16.

(7)Teresa of Avila v.
(13)Bernard of Clairvaux
--Another pairing of teams with similar spiritual depth and insight, but Teresa has more direct experience with trials through her complications with the Spanish Inquisition. Bernard could stay in the game if not rattled by the crowd noise (a challenge to his vow of silence). Teresa by 5.

(10)Bonaventure v.
(11)Peter Abelard
--Another close match-up. Peter Abelard has many strengths, but tends toward an emotionalism that sometimes hurts his game. Bonaventure likewise has great depth, but can get lost with the angels, and needs to stay on the ground to stay in this game. Bonaventure by 2.

(3)Thomas Aquinas v.
(8)John of the Cross
--Possibly the most interesting game this week. Thomas has a lot of sympathy for the way John runs the court, and when John shoots, he scores the big three pointers. Thomas' overall game is generally able to compete with John on his own terms, as well as add new tricks of his own: he really covers every inch of the court. Thomas Aquinas by 3.

Happy watching!


angelmeg said...

I don't know about that Aquinas by 3 prediction, if John of the Cross gets into one of His reveries the score may go into the stratoshpere.

Teresa of Avilla vs Bernard of Clairvaux? NO contest. She will run him off the court.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

I'm not sure about the assurance of St. Teresa of Avila. I mean, St. Bernard did create his rule, the model for most religious communities up to the present day.

And then there's his work "On Loving God" where he writes this most excellent comment:

"You want me to tell you why God is to be loved and how much. I answer, the reason for loving God is God Himself; and the measure of love due to Him is immeasurable love. Is this plain? Doubtless, to a thoughtful man; but I am debtor to the unwise also. A word to the wise is sufficient; but I must consider simple folk too. Therefore I set myself joyfully to explain more in detail what is meant above."

As Father Bernard(no guesses who his patron is...) paraphrases the last two sentences:

"If people were truly wise, that first explanation would be enough, but most people aren't--so he goes on for several pages more."

Antony said...

Hey now, the Claivaux/Avila game may be closer than you think, angelmeg.

IC, I think you underestimate John of the Cross.

And Ambrose will pull an upset on Anselm. Mark my words.

Ray from MN said...

Many years ago I attended a party of UofMN students who were in the Middle Eastern Archaelogy Department. The highlight of the evening was when they began to regale each other with puns written in Assyrian.

Somehow I wonder if Catholic Theologian parties might be similarly interesting?

While I'm familiar with all of these Hall of Fame Catholic theologians here by name, I don't have their stats at my disposal. So I would find it very difficult to choose a winner.

But I guess I would purchase a ticket for an Augustine-Thomas matchup.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I.C. Good luck topping this one. LOL!

Aquinas all the way!

whimsy said...

"he covers every inch of the court"

ya had to go there!


Anonymous said...

I dunno about that Therese of Lisieux versus Athanasius result; the Little Flower is a lot tougher than most take her for, and Athanasius might be misled by the sweetness of the sobriquet into thinking she's a pushover.

Paul versus Francis de Sales, sure. Let's face it, Paul versus anyone would be the same. I'm with you on Bonaventure as well.

Augustine versus Gregory the Great - yeah, you'd think Augustine would walk it, but on the other hand, Gregory did get Trajan out of Hell and that's a spectacular result by anyone's standard ;-)

Hurler said...

Bonaventure v Abelard: Yeah, definitely Bonaventure. Abelard just doesn't have the b---s.

CMinor said...

You mean the "Hey, look! It's a girl!" trick. Very effective.

And Abelard gets emasculated. Big surprise there.

RobK said...

My money is on Paul to take it all. He has such an awesome full court press.

Sanctus Belle said...

Oh, methinks you're waaay off on Thomas Aquinas vs. John of the Cross. John is lean and mean and moves quicker than most in a full carmelite habit. Thomas is more than chubby, I'd dare say portly and sucks wind halfway down the court. He doesn't stand a chance...