Saturday, March 24, 2007

March Madness III: The Theological Final Four

The Theological Final Four emerges! Winners in green.

Paul of Tarsus
v. Ambrose
--Winner: Paul in OT, 72-70.
"What a stunner! Everyone gained respect for the underdog Ambrose, who apparently went into the game saying 'I just have to psych myself into it by pretending he's a gnostic.' Ambrose proved himself a master at blocking and protecting the basket. But Paul managed to move the ball in ways you wouldn't have thought possible, drawing from Roman, Jewish, and sheer bluster defenses. That man can negotiate his way out of nearly any trouble. Paul looks very strong going into the home stretch of this race."

v. Catherine of Siena
--Winner: Athanasius, 60-57.
"Catherine played a stubborn game, shadowing Athanasius at every turn. The dead heat ended when Athanasius moved out in the home stretch, double pumping at the final three pointer and shouting out 'This one's for Antony of Egypt!'"

Augustine of Hippo
v. Teresa of Avila
--Winner: Augustine of Hippo, 112-110
"These teams were scoring through the stratosphere...a game based entirely on offense, they both proved they could sink the baskets from any position. Ambrose, defeated earlier in the evening, moved onto the court to assist Augustine with defense in the final minutes. Teresa called upon St. John of the Cross, but he was still in ecstasy from the previous game with Thomas Aquinas."

v. Thomas Aquinas
--Winner: Thomas Aquinas, 58-50
"Bonaventure took the mind's road to the basket with characteristic Franciscan flair, but Thomas dominated through the sed contra defense, which prevented the mystic from running up the points."

And so, the Final Four match-ups, to be played Sunday night, March 25th, at the Supernatural Dome:

Paul v. Athanasius
IC prognostication: Paul by 3

Augustine v. Thomas Aquinas
IC prognostication: a toss-up

(Play and predict along at Catholic Theologian-Educators Madness!)



Diesel said...

I'd like to see any of them take on John Calvin, but I think he's in a different league.

Come play in my caption contest!

angelmeg said...

I'm stunned a woman didn't make it into the final four.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Diesel--Calvin's in the NIT this year.

(Ouch! Ok, that was mean! Do I get kicked off now? Sorry! As Calvin said, I'm a lowly worm unworthy of God's grace, or something like that.)

Angelmeg--yeah, it's a bummer. But women tend to more gracefully concede than men, so maybe this will prevent it from getting ugly. Besides, who knows what will happen in the Final Four?'s in the Supernatural Dome, ya know....

RobK said...

What a hoot! My money is still on Paul. When your writing is in THE BOOK I gotta think you got the edge. And that total attack on offense and defense - it is awe inspiring and overwhelming!


Trubador said...

That Augustine vs. Aquinas semi-final is gonna be one heck of a game. HAH!

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