Monday, March 12, 2007

Ponderous Questions: Why couldn't the Vatican use its influence on Daylight Savings Time?

This is part of a series: questions intercepted from the "circular file" of the Vatican offices. See the rest of the series here.

To Whom It May Concern
St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican City

Dear Sirs:
Having woken up bleary-eyed to the adjusted time the United States euphemistically calls "Daylight Savings Time," I really have to question why the Holy Mother Church has not used her influence to challenge this policy. I trust the Church to challenge the creeping edges of the culture of death, and this is indeed an example of that.

I took a theology class in college, and as my professor puzzlingly said to me, I now know enough theology to be seriously dangerous. I take that to mean I am fit to speak for the Church in times of danger. This, your Holiness, is such a time. I make bold to speak the divine truth against Daylight Savings Time, especially when presented early in the abhorrent month of March.

As we know, the dating of time is a human creation, for God is beyond time. If time is a human construct, then it is open to the twistedness of original sin. Although time as we date it is neutral, daylight savings time is clearly against God's will.
  1. After all, in Gen 1:5: "God called the light day, and the darkness night." DST is an idolatrous human attempt to improve upon God, and extend the light for specious reasons.
  2. "In the night I remember you" (Psalm 119:56): indeed, but how can we do that when we're staring like crack addicts at the sunlight at 8pm?
  3. And "In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice, in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait with expectation." (Psalm 5:3) Well, how do I know when it is morning when the sun isn't coming up? See how this perverts God's natural order and goodness?

I know it is out of fashion to say "error has no rights," but if there was ever a case for it, here it is. I beg you to speak out against the cruelty and confusion of early Daylight Savings Time. I trust that it is a matter of both reason and faith and observable by natural law. Thank you.

In weariness and Christian love,
Sleepy the Dwarf


Patsy said...

"Dear Sirs"!?
Surely this ponderous question should go straight to the top. I believe it warrants the attention of our beloved and sagacious pope. ;)

James M. Hahn said...

Aren't we sort of stuck now. I mean don't we have to "spring forward" AND "fall back" until Christ's coming otherwise it would throw the entire calendar off? Speaking of Christ's return...didn't he say you will neither know the day nor the hour. Will DST disrupt the reutrn of Our Lord....aaaaaaaahhhh

PraiseDivineMercy said...

But dear, IC, the religious order memebers get up at four. ^_^
Is this not a suffering we are to offer up?

Ray from MN said...

"Spring Forward?" "Fall Back?"

Do you suppose all that jumping around has altered the rotation of the Earth. accelerating global warming?

And talk about interfering with the Divine Cosmic Plans?