Thursday, March 01, 2007

Speaking of Mammon...

(Yes, it's photoshopped. Start breathing again.)

It's pictures day at the Ironic Catholic!


DMinor said...

The result of too much "Pop" culture in church:
- Dyspepsia
- Anger bubbling to the surface
- Truth Decay
- Fizzy theology
and the clergy and church staff demanding a COLA raise every year.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

Here is how it all began:
It was one of those hot summer days in August, when the atmosphere seems to weigh down thickly like mayonnaise, stifling all higher thought. The air conditioner was broken again, and with no means to repair it, the people sat uncomfortably bored, waving bulletins as impromptu fans. The parish priest rambled on, alternatively loud and soft, delirious beneath his unbreathing polyester robes.
As his eyes reached out over the congregation, praying for rain, Father thought of a creative, though theologically risky way to pay off that wretched loan from the building of the new Hall. It was a great success. There were doubters to be sure--until the connection was finally made between the Christmas Coca Cola commercials and those nativity scenes with Santa and the Christ Child--which cleared up the matter for just about everyone. Meanwhile, the traditionalists wept, fingering their rosaries and pouring out their frustrations on conservative Catholic blogs. Plans are already in order to implement ads in six other churches in the diocese.

Diesel said...

At least Pepsi isn't encouraging people to dig up a historic graveyard.

Paul Cat said...

Pope Sicola! I thought you said Pepsi Cola!

Allen said...

Oddly enough, their baptismal font is filled with RC Cola.

The Ironic Catholic said...

These comments are hysterical. Thanks!

Walsingham said...

Good grief!

That's Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston, TX. It's my parish.

Check the pictures on their website:

That window is actually quite gorgeous. The whole church is worth a peek, if you have a chance.