Thursday, March 08, 2007

Truth Is Stranger #38: Humor Monastery

Unfortunately, you can't see the sign stating "Ask us about our vow of silence!"*

Yes, you have to go to Romania to go to Humor Monastery (above), but since I didn't know we special folk had our very own legit monastery, it may well be worth it.

Mănăstirea Humorului
Humor Monastery

Location and how to get there: Humor monastery is around 7 km north of Gura Humorului (see map above). Buses run from the town to the entrance of the monastery. Humor is located at the foot of the mountains, beautifully surrounded by forests and meadows.
About the monastery: This monastery was founded in the year 1530, the frescoes were added five years later. The monastery itself is comparatively small and only surrounded by a wooden fence, which is quite unusual. Another characteristic feature is the fact, that it's the only monastery among the five without a tower on the top of the church....

More here.

*Humor refers to the name of the region. And, alas, no hidden sign. Really, too, too bad.

What do the monks at Humor monastery do to honor their special name, do you think...?


DMinor said...

Beware the whoopie cushions in the pews, the joy buzzers at the sign of peace, and the spring "snakes" that leap out of the lectionary.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

IC, haven't you ever been to camp? Stick fifty-odd people within close contact for an extended period of time, and humor becomes vitally necessary in carrying out commandment number five.

Anonymous said...

From the link: "The tour takes around 6 to 7 hours; the usual fare is 2,500,000 Lei (appr. € 60) no matter how many people you are." Now really, is it fair for them to be so generous to all those skitzophrinics? Do the monks that write this stuff do stand up? I guess maybe all the normal monk-ey seriousness just gets lost in translation. ;) And, that seems like a lot of leis for 60 pounds... I hope that they have a padded room in that tower for people that just can't stop laughing.

Allen said...

I was going to guess that the mass and chanting are all done in pig latin.
"Oria-glay Atri-pay, et-ay Ilio-fay, et-ay Iritui-spay Ancti-Say..."

angelmeg said...

Beware the sign that says Morning prayer is at 5 am, it is really at 5:30, the monks just laugh and laugh at all the guests getting there a half hour earlier.

Forgive them Father, their idea of fun is a bit different than most peoples.