Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Contest Continues...with a twist

A taste of ironic poetry for the day, one I composed last year:

Christology is
Subtle, elegant, and terse
Heresy? verse

And a vacation haiku, composed 15 minutes ago:

Alabama: HOT
Fev'rish toddler: VERY hot
Fam'ly time: way cool

Look, if people want to do serious poetry as well, I have even fewer qualifications for judging that, but I'd post a couple of the best ones and give you a crummy button with link as well. I have a soft spot for poetry of all types. Just don't send me a book length ode.

Rules are found here. Entries due June 21, 11:59pm, Central Daylight Time. Happy creativity!

1 comment:

Steve T. said...

Personally, I like the first one, the Haiku best.