Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Theology Meets Marketing: The Sequel

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"I've got it, Joe. Our roofing orders are slow this month, so let's give a hellfire and brimstones sermon on a billboard and hope they're freaked enough to buy our insulating tiles."

"What about that Bible thing about not serving two masters, Ed?"

"C'mon Joe, it's win-win! Scare a soul into salvation and a new roof!"

And, um, does heaven need roofing tiles?



Allen said...

As opposed to being burnt in Hell with Jesus as Savior?

"So, I got me this new Harvey-tiled roof, and now everyone who passes by says, 'That's a Hell of a roof ya got there!', and of course, I gotta tell 'em that it's actually a Heaven of a roof..."

CMinor said...

Funny, I don't recall anything about tiles on the New Jerusalem in Revelations. Pearls and various other precious stones, yes, but no tiles.