Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At A VBS Near You: "Splashdown With The Lord 2007"

Bemeely, MN: After last year's wildly successful "I Will Make You Fishers of Walleye" Vacation Bible School, St. Mary Magdalene Church has risen to the forefront of cross generational religious education in this year's offering: "Splashdown With The Lord and Friends 2007".

Kay Richtmann, the parish's Director of Religious Education, said "When we thought about why 'Fishers' was so wildly successful, it came down to two things: marrying summer fun with serious Biblical reflection. And what do you see over and over again in Scripture? Water. It's the source of life. And the source of clean summer fun."

The week's activities are centered on five "waterlogged" Bible stories: in order, The Crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus), Justice Flows Like an Everliving Stream (Amos 5), The Jordan River Baptisms of John the Baptizer (Mark 1), The Calming of the Sea and Jesus Walking on Water (Matthew 14), and The Changing of Water Into Wine at Cana (John). After reflecting upon the relevant scriptures with group discussion, Richtmann will lead the family groups to activities that "open up the power of water." As she says, "The local water park is graciously helping us reenact the parting the of the Red sea with its Ultimate Wave Pool. Come get smacked down like the Egyptians, we're calling it--now that's something kids will remember. The 'Justice' day, we're manufacturing a waterfall that literally cannot be turned off. Those sweaty people are going to get soaked to the bone in justice, and it's going to keep coming at them until they're sick of it! Then comes what I think will be the biggest hit--'walking on water day', when we hit the lake with Seadoos and water-skis. And, of course, the VBS ends with an adults only cocktail hour in honor of the Wedding at Cana. It will be an exciting week."

"I'm psyched," said 8 year old Sean O'Connor. "I wasn't sure if I wanted to be drenched with righteousness, but when Mom told me it was a water party, I said sign me up."

The VBS is almost filled, but the Church is still taking applications.



mcewen said...

Ooo to be a child again. Admittedly we didn't have any such thing as 'summer camps' back then, but we did have retreats. Retreats were generally very silent affairs. I need to be reborn and start again! [could I skip puberty this time?]

KaleJ said...

time for a meme