Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Caption Contest #26

Ooh ooh, me first:
Sometimes the medium is the message. Sometimes, not. Yet other times, we're utterly confused as to what the message actually is.

According to this car, God peacefully kicks butt in the form of a frog.

Speaking of the spiritual works of mercy: is a mild fender-bender an acceptable form of admonishing the sinner?

UPDATE... we have a winner!
KaleJ: And He is gonna start by kicking your upside-down cross/peace symbol through the back seat.



KaleJ said...

And He is gonna start by kicking your upside-down cross/peace symbol through the back seat

KaleJ said...

God kicks @## and yet I am stuck driving this Subaru

Tim said...

Karl, an ardent animal rights activist, was not happy with the Lord's treatment of the donkey He rode into Jerusalem.

beez said...

God kicketh @$$ and taketh names. Then He shall give a new name which no man knoweth, but he that receiveth.

Adoro te Devote said...

It's a multi-generational gathering of cars. In the foreground, a 1989 Subaru. To the left, a 2006 Saturn Ion next to a 2004 VW New Beetle. And to the far side of the highway, hightailing it away from his whitetrash family is the pretentious Dr. Chrysler who thinks he's better than everyone else...but he doesn't see that his road is coming to a T.

They come from all over and sometimes they get so excited to see each other they forget to stop...

Vito said...

(AP)Woodside, CA - Joan Baez was arrested yesterday in her hometown after being pulled over for violating local noise ordinances. Early reports show Baez was stopped for playing her music too loud, then arrested for "civil disobedience."

No further details are available at this time, however unconfirmed reports say Baez had a history of playing "I Need To Wake Up" by Melissa Ethridge at unlawful noise levels.

Trubador said...


DATELINE WASHINGTON D.C. -- The big story in the news today is that God Himself briefly stepped down from heaven to kick the Democratic Party (whose symbol is a donkey) in the you-know-what because of their persistent and agregious stance on abortion. Lord knows if it will have any affect on said politicians.

Mass. Se. Kerry was quoted afterwards as saying, "Well, I'm personally opposed to abortion but who am I to dictate what someone else th--". And it was at that point that God came down a second time to give another swift-boat kick in his cheeks.

Sen. Kennedy was heard babbling, "Yablrabb slothermnk blabberious weqrattinton!!!" And that was before the first butt-kicking by The Almighty. Official translators still can't figure out what it was Sen. Kennedy actually said.

The Ironic Catholic said...

out of fairness, I think God is seriously kickin some Republican Butt too.

Anonymous said...

Pharoh didn't believe the frogs either!