Sunday, July 08, 2007

Favorite Catholic Blogs Meme

Favorite blogs meme.

I was tagged by 50 Days After as a favorite Catholic blog (hey, thanks!). Thinking about this, this could be a very long list or a very short one. I just did the Rocking Girl Bloggers piece, so I'll spread the good news a bit more with a tiny list of four (although I read and enjoy many more):

Happy Catholic: Julie is St Blog's "one stop shopping." Nice spiritual reflections, fun jokes and pictures, and enough weight to keep it interesting.
Korrektiv: Kind of the Catholic-existential-literary-Monty Python-esque bloggers on the block. FYI, PG 13.
And I Let Myself Be Duped: Mark Mossa S.J.'s blog, and maybe if he sees this, he'll go post something again...please? Winner for best blog title, hands down.
Transcendental Musings: Maggie is my fellow Korrektiv groupie. And I love her funny "I've been philosofried" post.

You all consider yourself tagged, if you wish.


angelmeg said...

I am humbled. Lucky for you I am trying to put of doing my homework and have plenty of time to join the fun.

Glad you liked my post it was an act of shere desperation. My only saving grace in my class is that my professor loves my sense of humor. Yeah me.

Rufus McCain said...

Thanks IC!

Rufus McCain said...

... but ... PG-13?? Your going to sully our reputation as a cutting edge NC-17 site.