Saturday, July 14, 2007

Five Reasons Meme

KaleJ at Un-Muted Mumblings tagged with this serious meme. I'd probably do a better job if I were less tired, but then again, you don't always get asked this when you are happy, peaceful and alert, do you?

Five reasons you love Jesus:
1. Well, He died for my sins. He saved my life, for no reason other than love.
2. Because He is Goodness and Beauty Itself.
3. He has this way of turning my life upside down and always for the better, especially when I am being a first class sinner and idiot.
4. He healed me of a seriously debilitating disease. Yup.
5. He taught, and still teaches me, how to pray.

I could go on.

I tag anyone who wants to play... but especially the rather large Minnesota crowd: Stella Borealis, Adoro Te Devote, Sanctus Belle, and the rest of God's frozen people. I'll add your link if you tell me you're playing in the midrash box....

Vito at The Long Road To The Priesthood has a lovely set of reasons here.
Athanasius at 50 Days Later does a great job as well, here.


KaleJ said...

Interesting to read other people's reasons. Reminds us what we have to be thankful for. I forgot to mention, He healed my son of cancer. A miraculous cure and I forget to give him thanks and praise.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Wow, KaleJ--praise God! I'm glad your son is well.

When I was writing this up, I was thinking "You know, we thank God for what He does, and we praise God for who He is, but I guess we love God for both. What Jesus has done for us most perfectly reveals who He is.

Adoro te Devote said...

Thanks for the tag! I played:

I think someone else tagged me, too, but I can't remember who. I'm so confused. And since I can't remember, now I don't know who to tag!

Vito said...

I posted my meme here. It's not as eloquent as the others I've read, but it's from the heart.

I'm still pretty new to the blogosphere, so I didn't have anyone else to tag. Perhaps someone will run across your blog and feel moved to action like I was.

KaleJ said...

someday I will post the whole healing story on my blog. It is on another site right now (but very choppy, disorganized and a poor design.)