Monday, July 09, 2007

Ponderous Question: If time is a human construction, why is there never enough of it?

See the series here. Found in the circular file of offices deep within Vatican City....

Dear Holy People in Charge,

Hello, it's me again. When I attended my Jesuit university, my philosophy professor told me that time was a human construct, that is, in God's reign time may be entirely different, even non-existent: "the
kairos, or the fullness of time." I always thought that was pretty interesting as a college student with some time to kill, and the ability to stay up all night without consequences. But as a middle-aged mother with young kids, I now humbly beg to differ. If human beings are the ones who make up this thing we call "time," why can't we make enough of it? If we added just a little extra time, I can give each kid good attention, pray, go to Mass, cook a decent meal, clean a bit, have meaningful conversations with my husband, and blog. I mean, look at the cover of any women's magazine: every issue contains articles on how to diet, how to bake chocolate, how to exercise, and how to manage time. If Women's Day is our cultural bellwether, lack of time is clearly a crisis.

Seriously, could the Church get behind adding a couple of extra hours to the day? Especially if they are dedicated to prayer? I see you got this motu propio thing going, and I personally think that an ecumenical Council on the universal time shortage wouldn't be out of place. I firmly believe that God can do all things, and I can do all things through God who strengthens me. But the Church can and should help, and should encourage the universal vocation to holiness by adding these extra two hours. The mothers of the world thank you in advance.

I also think it would give philosophers something concrete to debate for the next few years--"why they could do that"--and that could keep them out of trouble and off the streets, debating whether lampposts exist.

By the way, mornings are my best time, and some extra minutes in each hour between 8am-Noon would work nicely for me. Thanks.

In the love of our God who never sleeps,



angelmeg said...

Anything that would keep philosophers from foisting their love of circular logic on the rest of the world sounds awesome to me.

Jen said...
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