Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prayer request

A rising senior at the university I work at was in a train accident (as in she was hit by a train) this weekend. Her situation sounds very grave, she received a serious head injury; but it sounds as though her health can go in either direction. Could you please say a prayer for Christy's healing, and that God's strength and peace be with her family and friends? Thank you.

Update: On one hand, the swelling on her brain has increased (although that is normal 3-5 days after a head injury, say the nurses), and on the other hand, she is moving her fingers...first sign of response since her accident. So...please keep praying!

Second update (Wednesday): Keep praying. Christy is still in a coma and shows ambiguous signs...could be waking up, could be getting worse. She also has pneumonia, although that seems to be improving. Keep praying.

Third update (Friday): Her heartrate is fluctuating quite a bit, as well as pressure on the brain. She's hanging in there. Keep praying.

Fourth update (Monday): She is still in a coma but seems to be coming out of it, and the swelling is down. Her doctors are now talking about recovery. Thank God and keep praying, she has a long road to tred here.

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Joyful Catholics said...

I just saw this and my heart went out to your friend. I prayed to my "go to team" in heaven...Fr. Kevin Fete and St. Therese. They're a powerful duo and I know their prayers are before the Lord now. Who better for a prayer partner than a holy priest of our Lord as Fr. Kevin.