Monday, July 02, 2007

The Hand That Rocks The Blogosphere Rules The World

Thanks to rockin' Diane at Bringing Home the Word (as well as at The Word, The Catholic Colbert blog) for nominating me and her kind words about this blog.

And now I get this very pretty badge!

Apparently the clue is to nominate five other blogs written by women that rock. Apparently a number of my ilk have already been named to this august honor. That, combined with thoughts such as "That one rocks--oh geez, he's a guy too....", presents a dilemma. Women out there, you need to blog more. Yes, I know we're busy essentially taking care of the cosmos and all, but really. Remember: The hand that rocks the blogosphere rules the world.

So that said, I'm trying to nominate people who have not been nominated by others, and will be inevitably leaving people out. My five nominees from all over the Catholic map:

Adoro at Adoro Te Devote. I don't know that Adoro and I would agree on every single thing, but we would agree on the biggest ones. I appreciate her transparency, her willingness to be bold and take risks for God, and besides, she's an alum of the university where I teach. (Which she kind of hated, but hey, we'll let that go.)
Sr. Susan at Musings of a Discerning Woman. The queen of Catholic Social Teaching meets prayer life meets vocational discernment!
Katerina at Vox Nova. She says things no one else does, and I, for one, appreciate that. Plus she's responsible for the awesome "Why am I Catholic?" video.
The Kitchen Madonna. Theology meets The Iron Chef. Yum.
Ask Sr. Mary Martha. Ok, so we don't know if she is really a she, or who this actually is. I'm not one to cast stones here. The blog totally rocks. Dear Abby can retire now.



Diane said...

You've outed my doppelganger existence! (Not that it was cleverly disguised) And you're right about there not being enough girl bloggers out there. Having done this twice in two days, I'm fresh out.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Thank you so much! I enjoy your blog very much as well!

angelmeg said...

Well deserved praise,

and I like your new masthead, but I disagree, you are as funny as Chesterton.

tee hee

The Ironic Catholic said...

AW, Angelmeg! Dang it! I was ticking through all the women bloggers I read regularly and I KNEW I was forgetting someone!

You rock, Angelmeg! Really!
(As well as lots of other women who aren't on this list!)

Allen said...

Additionally, I doubt you resemble Mark Twain quite as much as Chesterton did.

Katerina Ivanovna said...

Thank you so much! How sweet of you!

Ray from MN said...

Congratulations, I.C. You belong up there among the stars.

And your list is great, although as you might imagine, mine might have been a bit different.

angelmeg said...

No worries IC, I blog so I won't go insane. The fact that anyone else reads what I put out there is just icing on the cake.

I'm used to flying under the radar.

Adoro te Devote said...

Wow, am I behind in my reading! Thanks for the nomination. I am completely humbled.

As far as agreeing/disagreeing...well, I seriously doubt any one of us would agree ALL the time. And in matters of truth, well, if we have any integrity and our own opinions were found to be wrong...well...I've had to change my opinion a few times. :-)

And I didn't "hate" that school. I was just very put off by a certain heretical teaching that came my way at the worst possible time. Overall, I loved the school and my friends and the classes I took. (Except for algebra, statistics, and research methods. Oh, and Biology...although I had a great background in bio before I got there, this class focuses more on microbiology and genetics *yawn*, not the good stuff.)

Hmmm...I can think of some great women who deserve this award.

The Ironic Catholic said...

"As far as agreeing/disagreeing...well, I seriously doubt any one of us would agree ALL the time."

True enough! I don't consider occasional disagreement to be a problem; it is usually the start of a good discussion.

Glad to hear you didn't completely hate your alma mater. :)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks for the award! I'm very honored to be honored by the likes of your ironic self.