Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Theological Flash Cards

This is a mutable good.

This is a mutable good.

This, indeed, is a mutable good.

This, also, is a mutable good.


My very own "Truth is Stranger" moment: years ago, I was in a choir, which did ecumenical services, and we opened a song with kazoos rather than the scored trumpets... because "trumpets would have overwhelmed the relatively small space."

It was a moment when I recognized there are, indeed, universally recognized liturgical limits.

I was very young. But the expressions on those in the congregation--the choir was in the back, and the heads whipped around as one--were priceless.


mcewen said...

Does the evil one come with a free set of ear plugs?

Ellyn said...

You have to admit that a kazoo is a big step above, say, wax paper over a comb.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Yes, but is the kazoo not mutable? I mean, like, if we were to throw said instrument of evil into the sea. Or a fire.

angelmeg said...

I almost spit out my coffee on that one.

James K. said...

That was quite funny.

Martin said...

You ARE joking about the service with the kazoo's...right?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Martin--'fraid not.

CMinor said...

You must have missed the 70's.