Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Devotional Advocates Identifying Weird Vegetables As Spiritual Practice

New Gloucester, Georgia: The "Grow Your Spirit" gardening club of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, following on the heels of last year's popular devotional/recipe book, Grace Comes Like Zucchini Squash, is offering another spiritual booklet for Catholics who pray and till the earth: By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them.

"The idea for this year's devotional came from a practical reality," admitted master gardener Serafina Rubowitz. "We share what we grow this time of year, just as we share seeds in the Spring. And frankly, we get things growing in our gardens that we couldn't identify if they bit us on the nose. We're still wondering about that curly-que snake-looking thing. So, of course, we took our questions to the Lord, who always graciously answers this case, he answered in Matthew 7:16-20."

Fr. Ernest Johannsen, the pastor, added, "Jesus often taught using very earthy, agricultural terms. If we could only see our rotten vegetables, our weedy patches, our mystery fruit, as the work of the Lord to further our spiritual growth, we not only would flourish in the Lord, we would have gardens that rival those in Southern Living! Now that's a coup!"

The devotional booklet has daily reflections and gardening tips for the "high season" of the harvest: August through October. A sampler included biblical reflections titled "The 'first fruits' of those risen from the blossom rot", "Matt 21: 18-27: How to explain withered up fig trees", and "Workers in the Vineyard: tips on hiring landscapers (hire early)".

The devotional booklets will be available this weekend for $2.00, after the gardening club's bonfire of trees not bearing good fruit.

(bonus points to whomever identifies the vegetable at top right)


CMinor said...

I'd say either a crook-neck squash or a really oddly-shaped honeydew melon. As for that blossom-end rot, there's the tomato shark and the sauce pot. Nobody needs to know.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Cminor--but God always knows....

And your guesses aren't quite right. Others?

Tim said...

Well, since the picture name is "zuccheta.jpg" I'm gonna guess its a zuccheta. Which is also the name of a type of hat the pope wears, isn't it?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Tim, that's cheating!

Well, you're right. It's a strange looking climbing zucchini called zuccheta, and sic is the one holding that specimen from our garden.

Tim said...

Sorry about the cheat! I couldn't help myself.

And I thought I was just being funny with the hat joke but I guess I really wasn't too far off -

Allen said...

Really, is this idea very far off from the classic "A Shepherd Looks at the Twenty-Third Psalm"? Write it. Publish it. Sell a jillion copies.