Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Obscure Jokes About Theology, Example #1

(Since the situation on the home front is still a little hairy, I'll depend on others' jokes for the week. Enjoy!)

Hugo Rahner had an audience with the Pope. After a great deal of discussion, the Pope asked Hugo Rahner his opinion of the world’s greatest theologian.

Rahner squirmed a little bit, breaking eye contact with the Pope while he sought the proper and most humble way to answer the question. Finally, he looked up, shrugged, and said, “I suppose, Your Grace, I would have to say the world’s greatest theologian is my brother, Karl.”

The Pope’s eyes widened. He sat straight up in his chair in astonishment and exclaimed: “Your brother is KARL BARTH?!”

(OK, I chuckled, anyway.)

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CMinor said...

All right, I'm not a theologian. But I'll give you a rim shot for that one.