Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Calling Garth: If St. Augustine Wrote Country Music

Ahem. To Garth Brooks and other country music singers reading this blog:
I humbly present the first truly theologically correct country music song.

My Heart is Restless (Ballad with a beat, heavy on the steel guitar)

My heart is deeply restless
Looking for true love
Until Love found me, and I found Love
Sent From Heaven Above

I was bored with reading Latin
My ma was a Christian geek
I hated just ‘bout everything
That was pure, mild and meek

That woman, she was good
Our union, it was not
She wasn’t what I needed
My life had gone to pot… oh wo wo woh... (wailing, short drum solo)

Yeah, all those Manichaes
Really kicked me in the knees

Tempting me with Gnostic pabulum and “truth”

But they didn’t tell me so

That God loves all o’ me, I know

Now I bunk created goods for Uncreated You

Yeah Yeah

I thought I wanted some pears
I threw them at pigs instead
What I really wanted was sin
That event really did me in

My mom loved me all through
The worst things humans can do
As I searched for meaning in fire
As I turned to everything but You... oh wo wo woh (drum solo, refrain)

(key change)
My heart is deeply restless
Until it rests in You
You told me it takes trust
I know now that is true

I don’t deserve this love
I do deserve this pain
Of confessing my transgressions
So to confess my God is great! Oh wo wo woh

(Refrain, fade out)

--Garth, email me, babe; let’s talk.--I.C.

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The Ironic Catholic said...

I know. It makes one miss Palestrina, yes?