Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Truth Imitates Satire...Again

The press: can't live with them, can't shut them up.

(Sorry, hon. Sic is trained as a journalist. He's cool anyway.)

American Papist on the latest media snafu from Reuters, italics added:

Intentionally wearing green vestments, he [Pope Benedict] spoke to a vast crowd of mostly young people sprawled over a massive hillside near the Adriatic city of Loreto on the day Italy's Catholic Church marks it annual Save Creation Day.

Of course, any Catholic in kindergarten will know it's "ordinary time" liturgically and the priests always wear green while presiding (well, with a few exceptions, but you get the idea: it's normal and not a political statement).

Well. I'm afraid I saw this coming a year ago... full fake news story here: "Lenten Purple A Blatant Attempt To Influence Swing Voters":

As midterm congressional elections begin to heat up, a midwestern Catholic diocese was accused of wielding undue political influence on its parishioners though decking the Church in purple, the traditional color of repentance during Lent.

Proving that the practice of naming certain states red (Republican) and blue (Democratic) has hit the mainstream, political strategists from both sides of the aisle decried the use of moderate "purple" (see map and vestments, above) during the Lenten season.

"This is outrageous," argued Sam McKinnon, a political strategist affiliated with the Democratic party at a news conference. "This subtle attempt of the Church to position its members to think purple, rather than blue, must be seen as a blatant attempt to overcome the separation of Church and State. I strongly encourage the local Church to undress its churches immediately, for the sake of American democracy."

A Republican strategist, Susan Connell, stated at the same conference, "For once, I am in agreement with my Democratic colleague. The Church must stop trying to advise people how to think. We want Americans to 'think red' when they vote in November, and this purple influence muddies the political waters. Freedom of religious expression is protected by the constitution, but media-driven colors are another matter altogether."
I'm not proud of this. At this rate, someone is going to sing that theologically correct Country tune on American Idol, and it will my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault. Lord, have mercy.


Paul Cat said...

"Think red"! Like communism?! HAHAHAHA!

CMinor said...

Intentionally wearing green...

That sound you hear is me, banging my head on the keyboard.

Don't they teach them whippersnappers nothin' at them thar journalism schools, anymore?