Friday, October 26, 2007

Bobby McFerrin and the Ave Maria

Not making fun of this at all: just a lovely, unusual, prayerful musical moment from an unlikely source*. Call it the irony of the unexpected.

Bobby McFerrin gets a bunch of students to sing the Ave Maria:

Or if the embed doesn't work, watch it here.

HT to Aggie Catholics.

*By the way, I know Bobby McFerrin is a brilliant musician and deserves better recognition than the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" fame. Get your hands off the comments box already! :)


biblethumpr said...

Beautiful and prayful find. Although thinking of Bobby McFerrin singing Ave Maria may seem odd to some, he actually recorded it with Yo-Yo Ma on a CD that they did together that was entitled "Hush".
IC, thanks for sharing this beautiful moment in the context of numerous beautiful yet hilarious moments.

Theocoid said...

It is a beautiful rendition.

Dad29 said...

We did a show with him in Milwaukee a number of years ago.

The guy is VERY bright--and left some members of the Chorus (no slouches, by the way...) in the dust.

Marcel said...

Thanks for the HT.
FYI - We blogrolled you today. Nice blog.


Oh what a wonderful mix of joy and beauty. McFerrin is SO talented and I forget to enjoy him from to time. Thanks for the chance.