Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Book Release Party at Crummy Church Signs

(Bring your own crummy church sign!)

Or not...but do go join the party at ever-amusing Crummy Church Signs Tuesday. Joel has compiled some of his best withering theological wit into the most ... unusual ... coffee table concept book ever. All profits go to the Christian-based charity, Compassion International (cool, yes?).

(Yeah, my pseudonym is in the acknowledgments. But geez, buy the book anyway! I am!)

See you at the party!

p.s. If you want to avoid the party (!!!) and go straight for the reading, starting at Midnight-ish October 23 you can just buy the book at the Humor-Blogs.com books site. $10.99 with free shipping with a PayPal order (Hate PayPal? email Joel at CCS) until November 6, and the tome will be signed by Joel.

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Joel B. said...

Thanks, IC!!