Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Onion: Lethal Injection Ban Leads To Rise In Back Alley Lethal Injections

VERY interesting dark satire here (from The Onion).

TALLAHASSEE, FL—To all outward appearances, "Kevin" is a typical Southern state governor. He enjoys vetoing bills, attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and hanging out with friends. But the recent suspension of lethal injections in 10 states has put Kevin's political life in serious jeopardy. Unable to wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to determine whether the practice constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, Kevin, like many young governors who find themselves saddled with an unwanted death row inmate, has been forced to take desperate action and obtain an illegal back-alley lethal injection.

..."It was awful," said Kevin, who still suffers from nightmares after witnessing the prisoner die in horrible agony without any anesthesia. "We did it on an old card table. All the equipment was really rusty and dirty. I just closed my eyes and prayed for it to be over."

"I had my whole political career ahead of me," Kevin continued through tears. "If I didn't do it, the voters would have left me. I couldn't see any other way."...

I just wish I had thought of it first to put a Catholic seamless garment of life spin on it...but The Onion does a rather decent job of pointing out some of the logical inconsistencies.


Andrew Guidroz II said...

Not directly related to that post.
I subscribe to your RSS feed. The text comes through with the text coloring in tact ... that very light pinkish color. But in most RSS readers, the default background is white. So, that renders your text nearly unreadable.
I think you can adjust the settings for your RSS to send the text out normal but I'm not exactly certain how that is done.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks for subscribing to the RSS, Andrew!

Well, the pink and green pieces match the blogger template I use, and I think they're a little easier to read than white type on black background. But I see your problem.

I have no idea how to fix the RSS feed either, but I'll see what I can do sometime in the next week.


Eaquae Legit said...

What's darker still is that licensed physicians aren't permitted (by the internal ethics committee) to participate in or supervise an execution. All lethal injection executions in the US are done by non-licensed non-professionals. So for most intents and purposes, they're ALL back-alley executions.

Anonymous said...

eaquae legit is right, of course, but doesn't explain why this is the case. The reason that doctors are not allowed to assist with executions is because medical ethics prohibit a doctor from causing harm to any person. The fact that they are allowed to perform abortions is a disgrace, as the standard medical ethics begin "First, do no harm."