Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Talking About Christian Humor Blogging, Part 5

(Photo Right: That's not Julie, just an example of the fine art she likes. She got this photo from Hey Jules. Seems to fit Julie's blog though--happy, artful, doing her own thing, elegant....)

Welcome Julie from Happy Catholic (not always happy but happy to be Catholic)! Julie mentioned in her response that she wasn't sure she should be included, but hey, it's my blog, I'm "the decider" here. And Julie consistently has funny jokes, stories, pictures, demotivational posters and religionesque TV dialogues to spice up her all-points-Catholic blog...the blog would be entirely different without it. Like Jeff Miller, Julie is also a convert (hmm...a pattern among Catholic bloggers? For what it is worth, I'm a cradle Catholic), an avid reader (she has a podcast about the classics), and has a keen appreciation of beauty, especially in fine art, photos, and Jim Caviezel. She's also happily married. So...Ms. Julie, you're on the Ironic Catholic! (And my comments are in red.)

What is the role of humor on your blog?

Unlike some other bloggers, my gracious host included, I don't specifically write funny posts. Any humor on my blog is just an expression of my personality ... or picked up from the above mentioned funny blogs just because it makes me laugh. As a result, some of the following questions don't really relate to my blog.
[Oh! Yes they do! Stop the modesty thing, Julie!]

Why is "Christian Humor" not an oxymoron?
Because God has a great sense of humor from what I can tell. Avoiding that oft mentioned design of the platypus or ostrich, let's just look at the parables Jesus tells in the Gospels. Some of them have examples so very extreme that you just know he was counting on using humor to make his point. And we are to use him as our example so it follows that Christians have to know when to be serious but equally when to laugh and be humorous. (Not that I can always tell that successfully, mind you.)

Are you funny offline?
People do laugh at me a lot and sometimes I'm actually trying to be funny. :-D

What makes something humorous, in your opinion?

How does one answer that question? Humor is just one factor of how we communicate with each other. It takes a common understanding of something to see why a particular juxtaposition or opposition of something else makes it funny. We have to have something in common I suppose ... and also to be intelligent enough to be able to look at a subject from the same skewed angle. Which means the question really is, "are we skewed in the same way?" Sometimes we can judge that properly ... and sometime (sadly) not!

What kind of humor crosses the line in your blog, if any?

Crude humor, most sexual humor, mean humor.

What humorous post did you create and really like that just flopped? (Feel free to include link.)
This was sent to me by my husband's very devout aunt but surprised me by getting a considerable amount of flack.

Are there any humorists (written or on screen) you really like?
Terry Pratchett, Monty Python [it's about time these guys got mentioned!], The Simpsons, The Curt Jester, your blog of course ... [Aw. I'll slip you the $10 later, Julie.]

Humor: evangelization, frivolity, or neither?
Just a part of life and personality. [OK, but does this mean you are a frivolous evangelist? An evangelical frivolity?]

How do you keep it up online when you don't feel funny?

Thank goodness I don't have a humor blog so I don't have to!

Name one thing Jesus probably laughed about.

Privately, I think that he probably laughed a good deal about the denseness of the disciples ... just as he does with us over our own denseness sometimes. Of course, I can only speak for myself but there have definitely been times when it was as if I got a poke in the ribs along with "Get it?" and then have just cracked up at my own idiocy.

The ability to laugh at one's own density: one of the keys to holiness. I totally agree with that.

Thanks, Julie. Coming Thursday: Paul at Alive and Young.

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Julie D. said...

The check is in the mail? Story of my life! :-D

As for the question of whether I'm a frivolous evangelist or an evangelical frivolity ... let's see ... I'm an evangelist of the fact that we don't have to be frowning all the time to be holy ... so that is a frivolous evangelist? :-)

Thanks for my time in the spotlight IC!