Thursday, November 08, 2007

No Wonder Humorists Are Poor As Church Mice

Very funny piece from LarkNews: they're offering a premium membership that includes receiving an extra three to five articles a month, plus an invitation to the Lark News private Christmas party, for a mere $1.2 million. Some responses:

You may charge it to my church credit card…
Kent B.

I hope you're happy. I have to stop sponsoring my child in order to do this

I’d love to support Lark News by becoming a premium subscriber. The trouble is, I’m just a poor Lutheran pastor. Can I make that in installments of 1$ per year?

Here's the plan.
My father, the late general Fredrico Gustaf Anderson was the CEO of the Swedish-Nigerian Oil Company. Before he died he feared that he would
not be able to leave his heirs their proper inheritance. So he sent 55
Million Krone (over 8 million USD) to a Swiss bank account.
If you will assist me in retrieving this money, I will be happy to use
the proceeds to purchase the premium subscription.
J. A.
If you send me $12,000 I just know that God will bless you with the $1.2 million.
Ian M.

More here.

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