Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ponderous Questions: Whence the role of nausea in discernment?

An ongoing series of questions retrieved from the circular file in an interior office of the Vatican. More here.

Dear to Whom It May Concern:

I believe I had an encounter with bad egg salad this afternoon after teaching a class about discernment. Considering Ignatius of Loyola's rules for discernment of spirits:

Could nausea ever mean something other than discernment of a bad spirit? Is a cigar sometimes just a cigar? What if the cigar causes the nausea? What if a cigar was in the egg salad? Can one smoke an egg? Does the nausea come from my soul? My warmed-over egg? My blog? Please, how can I tell?

Just wondering. Off to the restroom now. Please advise stat.


p.s. I just had a flu shot, if that helps.


Diesel said...

I got nauseous from a bad seafood platter once. I think it was my sole.

Catholic Audio said...

I'm sick of bad puns.


Susie said...

The last time I had a flu shot was when I was 13. The wallpapered wall in my bedroom started to turn into sharp, pointy things like the old plaster walls, but this wasn't a plaster wall. Then it began to close in around me and I stumbled weakly to the bathroom to get a drink of water and collapsed in a heap on the cold floor, only to regain consciousness after a few minutes when my mom helped me off the floor and back to bed. Now plaster walls scare me so it's a good thing they're so rare. I'll never get a flu shot again.

For "catholic audio: There's a new fast-food hamburger meal deal for those of us on the ATKINS diet. It's called No Bun Intended.
: )