Friday, November 30, 2007

Truth Is Stranger #66: "O Christmas Stump, O Christmas Stump"

In Yahoo News:
An Oregon woman woke up one morning to find her front yard's pine tree, the decorated center of neighborhood Christmas cheer, chopped down and stolen. (That's low. Very, very low.)

So... she's going to decorate the stump.

I don't know if she's Catholic, but this has Catholic guilt (drive by and weep ye silent stealing sinner) written all over it. And she's officially one up on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I like it.

Full story here.


Maddy said...

Yes, I certainly think she's a contender for the title.

Joyful Catholics said...

I'm rather "stumped" at the audacity of one so sneaky, to go stealin' a tree out of someone's yard! The noive!

I concur with Maddy. Cheers to this "contender" to whom I now hoist a pint! We shall overcome!