Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Shopping Simplified, Take Three

You know, it's this sort of thing that gives us Catholics a bad name. Well, this and the Inquisition.
Note the warmth in Jesus' love for your 1970s Ford, though.

Find it here (Warning: PG 13 site that includes blasphemy). HT: Do Not Want.


angelmeg said...

But there really is one:

St Cunegunde; I even remember the prayer. St. C St. C. find a parking space for me. She is the neice of St Elizabeth of Hungary, I don't know how she got associated with parking, but a nun taught me the prayer.

Kevin said...

1970s Ford has the forelegs of a lamb.

Ma Beck said...

Exactly, Kevin.
That's a baaad photoshop.
You can totally see the lamb.

Also, if we were going to make a "Saint Otto, Patron of Parking, Citrus-Scented Air Freshener", wouldn't we use, you know, a picture of "Saint Otto" and not Jesus Christ?


(I have been known to pray to St Jude for parking. But I live in Chicago, so it's to be expected.)

Ma Beck said...


I really DO like that gum on the front page. Now THAT I could use.