Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Creative Song Conversions for Advent

Have you walked into a grocery store, department store, gas station, or doctor's office without being inundated with bad "holiday muzak"? Of course you've heard this lyrical gunk; they began playing it at Thanksgiving, a full week before advent even began. For those of us who truly want to observe advent, it is a challenge of seemingly biblical proportions. While overturning tables is probably best saved for the Lord (although there seem to be a few moneychangers about this time of year, ho ho ho), I suggest taking some of the most worthless holiday muzak and putting it to advent themes. That way, we can all walk into stores and workplaces humming an advent melody! Are you with me?

Our first lyrical conversion: Jingle Bell Rock (a song that deserves to be dropped into the deepest pit and buried alive anyway)

"The Truth In Our Rock" popularly known as "Its hard to wait"

Oh it's hard, oh it's hard, it's hard to wait
Hard to begin our journey from sin
Cleansing, repentance, and then reconcile
That will get you down your first mile

Oh it's hard, oh it's hard, it's hard to wait
Although we do know that there's more than snow
coming, and so we should prepare our hearts
Somewhere else than th' "Marts"

What a dark time, it's the right time
To live that advent through
Incarnation is th' oblation
That shows us that our God is True

Oh its hard, oh its hard, it's hard to wait
But Jesus' birth we shan't mock
Goodness, joy and peace, and our redeemed life!:
That's the Truth in our Rock!


If you have your own conversions, please send them to ironiccatholic at yahoo dot com, or give it a try on your blog. I'll post a few of the best so we can all survive the season of advent.


Julie D. said...

Well, it's time to 'fess up. I absolutely love Jingle Bell Rock. However, perhaps that's to be expected from a family where Ringo Starr's Christmas album is a top five pick every year. :-D

The Ironic Catholic said...

Oh, Julie.

Confession is good for the soul.

And I'll pray for you.


Maddy said...

I have just endured two hours at the dentist. Big bill. Sore teeth and even hurtier ears after wall to wall holiday musak!

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

DMinor said...

Great concept! I'll have to try one!