Thursday, December 13, 2007

How Books Die When A Bookstore Closes

And just remember, it's all your fault for reading blogs rather than books.
(For those of you who love books...a little painful, although funny, to watch. You are warned.)

FYI, Loome Booksellers is a national landmark right here in Minnesota, and they have TONS of Catholic books. You can find them online here. It's the antiquarian store that is closing.

(sniff) Wiping the tears, and back to grading.


Ray from MN said...


What a wonderful and poignant video.

I lived in Stillwater from 1971-80 and although it is not documented anyplace I seriously considered buying the old Bethany Covenant Church on North Fourth Street for $10,000 for a home. You could do that in those days.

But I had no imagination in me in those days.

That is the home of Loome's Religious Books store now.

It is really sad to see book stores close. Or burning or wrecking or drowning or guillotining books.

I don't live my life with lots of "if only's", but if I did, buying many times more than the 700 or so books that I did buy would be very high on my priority list.

I am slowly selling them off now as I age.

A Stillwater lady gave me the best advice: If you want to collect something, collect something you love. I loved/love books, and so I did.

And some of them were and are quite rare. But most of them didn't match the increase in the cost of living.

So don't do it to make money. Do it because you love books.

Quantitative Metathesis said...

If only I were on the home campus of St. Thomas and not all the way over here in Rome...then I could help save those books!