Friday, December 21, 2007

My Personal Top Ten Posts of 2007

Tagged by the Crescat. I'll stick to the original written pieces, maybe not the best ones, but ones I liked writing nonetheless--and sorry, I liked eleven and didn't know which to cut.

  1. The Catalytic Converter Conspiracy Unveiled
  2. If JK Rowling Converted to Catholicism and Wrote Book 7
  3. "Monday Morning Homiletics" Show Draws Calls, Criticism
  4. Dirtyness Is Next To Godliness
  5. Liturgists Flood Rehab Post-Easter Triduum
  6. Catholic College Scores Slip One Letter Grade After Warm Weekend
  7. A Catholic Knows Its Humid When...
  8. Talk Like A Pirate Getting Baptized
  9. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? An abysmally cute kitten responds.
  10. Luther's Theses That "Didn't Make The Cut" Discovered
  11. RBCU Professor Interviewed on "Preferential Option for the Poor"
I tag whomever wants to play....

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