Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why Is The Pope Snubbing Boston? (acc. to The Onion, and me)

If you've been under a rock: this is referring to the Pope's upcoming visit to the USA in the Spring.

Other IC possibilities (apparently these options registered, total, under 1%):
--Feels he knows the neighborhood well enough from Cheers episodes. Besides, everybody knows his name already.
--Closet Yankees fan...shhh....
--Doesn't want to run in to Teddy Kennedy or John Kerry. Awkward.
--Knows from experience that Irish-based food is utterly tasteless.
--Kindly anticipated that throngs would still be recovering from St. Paddy's Day celebrations.
--Clam chowder isn't a comfort food in Bavaria: the salty, rubbery appeal simply isn't there.
--Trying to get more bang for the buck on this trip by more time in our Cherry Blossom-laden capital.
--That will teach the Archdiocese for ______________.

Image found here at The Onion by ironic reader Anton (thanks!).


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Soccer Dad was in Boston just after that story came out, and it was put just that way on the front page:


He was delighted at the obvious jealousy of the Yanks for getting to host the Holy Father.

Frankly, I'm just praying I can get some tickets to Mass in DC when it's not my diocese.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

Frankly, you've got it easy over there. We poor folks on the west coast never get a visit. I was planning to make a trip of it if he came anywhere on the west coast, but no luck.
It's what? A four hour drive or so?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hey, I'm not from Beantown. From Minnesota, I'd say 16 hrs minimum to DC....

Rickey Henderson said...

Nah, The Pope isn't a Yanks fan, he just doesn't like chicks with lots of freckles, that's all.

Joan said...

He bet against the Patriots in his pool with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop of Canterbury.