Monday, January 28, 2008

"50 Something Betters"

Readers, I feel as funny as a heart attack right now. It's a rough time on the western front. So...prayers appreciated, and as for you all...the best of the humorous blogosphere!

SherryTex of Chocolate for your Brain! (another great Catholic humor blog at has a great column on responses to give to people who ask "you have HOW MANY?" regarding her large family (she's a mom of eight). Here's a few responses:

  • We never have leftovers.
  • Q: Don't you know how this works? A: Well yeah!
  • With such good looking intelligent offspring, it seemed selfish to limit ourselves.
  • We enjoy causing pure terror on the faces of travelers in the terminals simply by walking up to the gate en masse. Sometimes, it isn't even our gate.
  • We don't have to share a pew...ever.
  • No fights over names of children, we got all our favorites in there.
  • Statistically, one of these guys should strike it rich.
  • Fifth one at Catholic School is free. Right?
  • Never have to worry about being corrupted by too much wealth or material things.
  • Said we'd accept children lovingly from God. God took us seriously.

...and her real answer? Go see the post for that and the rest of the 50 (!) reasons.



SherryTex said...

I'm deeply touched. Thanks!

Ray from MN said...

I was right behind a family with six children (12, 9, 7, 5, 3, 2 [or so]) at Mass yesterday. All, including Dad and Mom, were dressed to the nines and extremely well behaved.

I added a special prayer for that family.