Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Want To Be A Youth Minister?

OK, as someone who teaches in a pastoral and youth ministry program, I really enjoyed this offbeat video more than I should have. ("Offbeat" is charitable, I imagine; but still....)

Best of the Humorous Blogosphere week HT to Locusts and Honey.


Andie said...

I teach junior high at a Catholic school. Wiley? At the very least. This is very possibly the best analog to working with youth. I can't begin to think of a better one.

Thank you for your continued excellence in keeping the Church from taking itself too seriously.

christgeek said...

As a youth minister getting ready to spend an entire weekend preparing 80...sophomores for the sacrament of confirmation...I also am enjoying this more than I should (: I think it will be the reflection piece for my monthly deanery youth ministers meeting (: