Friday, February 01, 2008

Truth Is Stranger #71: Catholic Improv Comedy

Finally, I think we begin to close Best of the Humorous Blogosphere week here: with people trying to take my job. Oh wait, I don't get paid for this....

Introducing The Fish Sticks Improv Group: an improv group in Milwaukee started by Catholic members of ComedySportz to provide "squeaky clean" Christian comedy for Catholic school fundraisers. And a laugh.

..."It's a different part of my brain to exercise," said Shiller, a state planning and corporate lawyer. "It's fun to play around and see what develops. Some people find it terrifying to get up there when it's unscripted, some get a charge out of it, and I get a charge out of it."

ComedySportz is an unscripted, improvisational comedy show where audience members are asked to participate in sketches or shout out ideas to the actors on stage. The television show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" is an example of improv comedy, similar to ComedySportz and Fish Sticks. ...

"This has been a hobby and doing something with a positive impact makes it that much more fun," said Shiller. "Really, we'd just like to touch as many lives as we can and have fun as we go. It's a ministry to us, but I don't think anyone will say our names in the same breath as Mother Teresa. It's just fun; we're not trying to quit our day jobs." (from The Catholic Herald)
Yes, they have a website. With video!

More at The Deacon's Bench, here.

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