Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Inspiration: "Ashes Named Favorite Sacrament"

Seriously, the first time I thought blogging could be fun was in reading this piece from Maureen Martin, from the now defunct satire blog "catholicnews.org". I think I set up shop the next week, and sadly, she closed hers. But here is a great Ash Wednesday post:

BOSTON -- For the third year in a row, the ashes received during the Ash Wednesday service was listed in an ABC-News/Washington Post poll as most Roman Catholic's favorite sacrament, topping both communion and baptism.

"There is just something about receiving those ashes that makes me feel, well alive," said Katie Stanbury, a lobbyist with Phelps/Dawson Public Relations. "I miss mass quite a bit, but I never, ever miss this service."

Fr. Allen Bannion, of St. Peter Claver Church in Boston, said that the Ash Wednesday service is always standing room only. "People just love that service, as well as the one for Palm Sunday. We always have more people there than any other time of year," he said. "Yeah, people come on Sunday for communion, but at these services they get a little something extra. It is sort of like Bonus Days at the Clinique counter, when you not only get the perfume you went in to purchase, but a kick-ass red lipstick, as well. Or so I've been told."...

More here.
We miss you, Maureen.

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leonora said...

One of my favorite posts. I miss Maureen too.