Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Blogoversary and snatched from The Hand of Death to me!

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It's my second birthday of the blog, moving into the third (!) year of inane silliness and gentle satire.

It's also a day away from the second anniversary of the day I got hit crossing the street by a rogue garbage truck, and walked away to tell the tale.

As I said before: not sure there is a cause and effect there. But I am grateful to God's goodness, always.

Right now, my nasty mystery illness (surely due to my parish skipping St. Blaise observances) has developed into something else miserable and making me feel like I am on the rack when I cough (which is pretty constant), so I am going to the doctor and hoping for serious drugs to celebrate said anniversaries. Party on, folks... save me some cake.


Julie D. said...

Congratulations on both the bloggiversary and having been snatched from the jaws of death. :-D

CMinor said...

Happy blogoversary & survival day!
Keep chugging that hot tea!

Paul Cat said...

Happy Blogosersay. Just make sure after you get your script from the Doc that you don't go to any of those street pharmacists.

Adrienne said...

Happy Bloggiversary (copied that from Julie)

Hope all goes well at the doctors

Allen said...

Look! I said I was sorry about nearly running you over! I wish you would let it drop. I thought you were a J.W.!

nwzkex: What I gave up for Lent this year.

Helen said...

Happy blogoversary. I enjoy your blog, and hope you are soon well enough to enjoy it too!

Jeff said...