Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Woodsy Owl: Modern Prophet

...'cause it's a SIN!
Thus saith the Lord, The God of Israel: Lo, you throw the litter out your sulfurous car, and you will be cast out of the land of the clean, choosing death, not life! The sin of the wicked renders all unclean of spirit and environment. Heed my words, O Israel!

Ok, Woodsy isn't so well known for the second part of the message, but The Vatican has us up to date:

Vatican Official Names "New" Sins, Including Pollution....


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Clayton Ray said...

This story about 'new sins' is annoying the HELL out of me!

Paul Cat said...

I can't wait till I have to go and make 3 cubic feet of compost as my penance for reconciliation.

Sister Mary Martha said...

We're on the case with our our explanation and our own list.