Friday, April 18, 2008

Cannonball Awards Announced

Wow! I'm the runner-up in the Most Hifreakinhilarious Catholic Blog category!
Thanks to those who voted, and to The Crescat for a fun contest. Lots of "different" (but special) blogs on that list--go give them a look.


Ray from MN said...

You wuz robbed, I.C.

Cut congrats on the Second Place Finish.

We'll figure out a way to hack the system next year!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ray, don't you dare! I'm pretty sure that's on the list of new sins from the Vatican!

Ray from MN said...
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Ray from MN said...

Yeah, I s'pose hacking might not be more than five years old as an art/practice/science/crime, so the Curia probably just got around to adding it to the new list of "deadlies."

And you as a theologian probably should know that more than anybody. It's probably on all your final exams to remind your students not to succumb to the temptation.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ray, on my syllabus, I print in large letters:

Plagiarism: God is merciful.
I am not.
Don't do it.


Jenny from Chicago said...

You rock. You probably already knew that.

By the way, isn't it an honor just to be nominated?

LarryD said...

Congratulations on your runner-up, IC. There's always a reason - my mom told me when I came in second place once, it was God telling me I needed to develop some humility. I was too proud to agree, though, being a teenager at the time.