Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Day Before The Pope's Arrival, The American Catholic Blogosphere Collapses In One Uniform Faint

Cyberspace, USA: In eerie unison, the Catholic blogosphere in the USA--beside themselves with anticipation of Pope Benedict's visit to the East Coast--collapsed in one sweeping, simultaneous faint on Monday at 8:18pm CDT.

"It's clearly a gift of the Holy Spirit," said "IC," also known as The Ironic Catholic. "For days I was antsy with anxiety, anticipation, euphoria, and occasional annoying bouts of ennui. Then, I heard a still small voice while blogging, and heard wind rushing, saw light flashing. Then an immense peace beyond understanding. Next I knew, I 'woke up' off the floor, being twittered by 82 bloggers from the Catholic blogosphere. It had happened to everyone else too."

"Frankly, the faint acted like a good slap upside the head from God," said KaleJ of UnMuted Mumblings. "I'm excited to hear what the Holy Father will say to our country, but I have a job too. And I have to remember my family. I wasn't thinking though--I used up all my vacation days over Easter. Why did I spend so much time dwelling on the resurrection? Where were my priorities?"

No one seemed to be injured, although one blogger (who wished to go only by her confirmation name "Mary") claimed ruefully that "this blissed-out feeling isn't going away, and it's really starting to interfere with my blogging life."



Meredith Gould said...

Why is this labeled "fake news"? ;-)

Ray from MN said...

Pretty strong entry for the Highfreakinlarious Blog contest where the voting has only a couple of more days to go. You'd better invoke your patron saint to make sure those 82 Catholic bloggers aren't Pope Peeping instead of Polling.

LarryD said...

You would have been twittered by 83 bloggers, but I was finishing up my taxes...unless it was 8:18 PM PST. I was falling asleep about that time!

Trubador said...

"... and occasional annoying bouts of ennui."

HAHH! I just love that line!

KaleJ said...

okay, I attempted my lame addition to this, but since I am still a little fuzzy from the slap upside the head... don't expect too much.